Music player

This website is all about my music and because I write my own songs, I want to have music player on the site so users can listen to my songs.

I found very good music player on codropsĀ (click here to view original music player!)
After more than 3 hours of studying codes of how this music player works and how to input it into my website, I finally got it work on my website!!!!!!!


As you can see on the screen shot, I added some of my songs into it and made them work, rest of music player is from original version of it but I’m going to change it in near future.

Contact form

My lecturer’s advice while working on PHP website was to make sure that the site is functional before we start to make website look nice. So that’s what I did. After layout was all done and I was happy with it, I created contact form for sending emails from the site.

I opened contact.php and typed in this code.



It is what you need for making contact form looking like this –


However, this does not make the contact form working. To make it work, I had to create another file called send.php and type in this code:



This tells contact form what to do, where to send emails and what reply will user get after sending an email. Contact form would not be working without it.

If you would like to make contact form looking fancier, you need to do it in CSS style sheet. (I will talk about it later on)

Tasks I set myself up for next 3 weeks

All uni work in first semester is done and I finally have time to work on my own projects that I’ve been wanting to work on for long time but university kept me very busy!

Task I set myself up for next 3 weeks:

  1. Design a new personal website + make it responsive
  2. Design a new music website for my music projects + make it responsive
  3. Recap PHP and MySQL

Fingers crossed so I get most of it done until semester 2 will start and I’ll be busy with uni work again.

If you’re interested in my work, keep looking at my blog for updates…


Overall, I am happy how the whole video project turned up in final stage.
When you read first ideas written down on paper and then watch the video in the final stage, you will realise that a few ideas how to film it were changed. I think that the final version of the video is even better than I planned it to be in the beginning of the project.