Overall, I really enjoyed working with our group. We proved that we are great team together where each one has very valuable skills and when we all get together, we come up with great things.

Working on this project was very interesting and it was also fun. We didn’t have problem with time management and every task was done on time. I am very happy with the result.

Designing process of poster

For this task, everyone has to design something. To design the poster was mine and Nicky’s task however, we collaborate as a group and everyone add suggestions to it. This poster was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS6 but also Adobe Illustrator CS6 was used as well.

First, we draw a quick sketch up of how poster will look like. Then opened Photoshop and started to design.

This is what we came up with (first draft) –

Working screen Adobe Photoshop CS6

working screen


Explanation of the design

On the bottom, you can see outline of famous buildings in Hull. That was designed by Tom.

Mask that Tom designed –


Rainbow colour is used because of the message we want to give out. It also represents laser lights as it was our initial idea that we wanted to create but it was too complicated and cause of lack of time, we didn’t do it. I downloaded equalizer picture from google (click here to view) and by mask created this effect. Outline of the man was downloaded from google ‘silhouette of people’ [to view click here] and added to the poster. He symbolizes all people from Hull.
Header is created with very good hierarchy so it grabs attention straight away. We looked at official logo of Hull City of Culture because we wanted to use it but it didn’t fit to what we wanted to
create. That is why we designed our own. Red colour was chosen because it’s got meaning of ‘be aware, there’s something new coming to the city’.

However, after consultation we decided to change it because it looked like poster for religious group instead of Hull City of Culture 2017.

Changing the design – second draft

poster - final version

We tried to play with effects and this is what we came up with but it wasn’t good enough so we got rid of the man and added more people to it so it symbolizes all people in the Hull. Plus we added motto for full event saying ‘City,People, Culture’. It looked so much better but we still weren’t satisfied with it.

poster - 2nd version


Adding details

The only thing that was this poster missing was information about upcoming events. We decided to put it on the bottom and make it interesting with changing hierarchy of text. We made full header and motto bigger. It all created nice symmetry and dragged eyes exactly the way we wanted.

The final version of the poster

poster - 3nd version

Ideas for an advert/visualization

Tom came up with an idea to create an advert. It would consist of layout of the city. It would start with buildings bouncing up and down to the music that I found and then it’d create a full city.

Tom did sketches and planned it all as it was his task. I supplied him with music.

Rough mock up for advert



Dave developed Tom’s idea by adding the ball light into it. Basically, he designed ball light in Adobe After Effect CS6 and that light would flight across to city and shoot up to clouds and explode to text ‘Hull City of Culture 2017’.

Process of creating the ball light

The ball light was created from all these elements below







The final result

finished ball light finished ball light2

Creating glass effect

This task was Tom’s, he created title in Adobe Photoshop CS6. He created cloud effect with the orange colour, using colour dodge.
glass effect

Then he created title ‘CULTURE’ with a lot of different effects such as inner shadow, outer glow gradient overlay. All these effects combine to create this glassy look.


Visualizing the final product

When the title was done, he added outline of the city to the bottom. It was the same one that we used for poster.

final ad

Visualizing the video

Once all the elements needed for the advert were created, Dave did visualization of it.















Setting tasks

Because we worked as a group, we set ourselves different areas that needed to be researched. My task was to research what kind of music is used for laser shows and mapping.

I typed into Google ‘music for laser shows’ and it came up with a lot of different websites. I found out that usually, upbeat music is used for this type of show. Then I went to YouTube and had a look at videos. Two of them were very good and proved that upbeat music is usually used.

First one – click here to view

Second one is more about filming music which creates emotions and sometimes it is used for this type of show. [click here to view] After all research I’ve done, I came to conclusion that it is best to use upbeat music rather than filming music because it would be more appropriate for putting people to the good mood.

That is why I found two different samples of music that could be used for our project.

Explanation of the task

The task is called Design for Advertising. We had to split into groups and choose between two options – 1. Hull City of Culture 2017 and 2.Siemens.

Our group consisted of me, Tom, Dave and Nicky. The reason for it was that we are already working together on another group project and we are very good team. We decided to choose Hull City of Culture.

Nicky came with an idea straight away what we could do for this task. She suggested creating a laser show that would present Hull to people coming to city. We all thought it was a very good idea and that is why we started to develop it.

First of all, we needed to think of the message that we want to present by it. Lasers consist of lights and they could have healing effect on people that is why Nicky came up with idea to link it to chakra. After consultation, we decided that word chakra could have opposite effect on people as it was planned because it is more spiritual think. That is why we left it only for colours. Nicky did big research about colour therapy and you can find all her research on her blog [to view click here].


Formal report

Part of the assignment was to write a formal report about how I created the website applying professional standards and format for industry.

I started to write it in Adobe InDesign CS6 and after 17 pages, I decided to use different software because quality of the used images was so bad that you could not see it.


I used simple Microsoft Word for it and quality of the images was great. I wrote full formal report in this software.

Evaluation of the essay and semester 2

I wrote this essay the best I could and I learnt new information so overall it wasn’t waist of time at all.

Semester 2 was interesting in sense of changing lecturers and automatically changing style of learning which I really enjoyed. I learnt quite a lot of new things that will help me in my future studies.


Before I started to write anything, I had to do research to find out more information and supporting material for this essay.
I typed into Google ‘Lara Croft’ and it came up with a lot of different websites, I went through a lot of them but there were only a few that I used information from. The best website was www.tomb-raider.wikia.com . It gave me a lot of information and I also took quote from it.

I needed to find out why this game had a big selling rise to explain it in the essay and sites that helped me to understand why were this ones –
www.usgamer.net  and www.joystiq.com .

Research about feminism, patriarchy and capitalism

Research about patriarchy – www.dictionary.reference.com and www.londonfeministnetwork.org.uk

Research about feminism – www.everydayfeminism.com and www.merriam-webster.com

Research about capitalism – www.capitalism.org and www.worldsocialism.org

Critical Perspective Analysis – explanation of the task

For this task I’ve chosen to answer question “How can Lara Croft be understood from a feminist perspective taking into consideration patriarchy and capitalism?”

Bullet points:

Intro –

  • What is my task
  • What I’m going to write about

Main body –

  • Explain who is Lara Croft
  • Her characteristics – quote supporting my arguments
  • Get into feminism (explain what it is)
  • Leading into patriarchy (explain what it is) – ‘male gaze’
  • Capitalism (explain what it is) – quote supporting my arguments
  • Conclusion
  • Add pictures of Lara Croft – old version and new version of her