Independant research – Site links in Google search results

Site links are multiple links users get in Google search results. For example, when users type into Google word ‘facebook’, they will get this –


These links are called site links. These links are generated by algorithm which means more users use the website, more likely is for site links to show in Google search results. There is also ability to remove unwanted site links in Google Webmaster console.

Independant research – Google’s Authorship

Authorship is Google’s system of connecting authors with ‘digital signature’ (photos). To do that, users had to be registered with Google+ Profile.
(!!!photo downloaded from:

Cancellation of this functionality

However, this article was publish on 01/23/2013 by  Jason DeMers and while doing further research about it, I found out that Google canceled this functionality from the Google search results and webmaster tools on August 28, 2014 and also is no longer tracking data from content using ‘rel=author’ markup.

The reason for that is that it did not meet Google’s goals, did not have enough of users so they decided to cancel it completely.

For more information, please read this article.



Independant research – SEO research – Rich snippets

Rich snippets is little paragraph of text that appears in Google search next to the website.

Purpose is to provide more information about the content of the website for users so they can decide which content is the most relevant to their needs. It’s important to make sure that rich snippet tells users primary content of the site. It’s simple to add; basically all we need to do is add a few lines of code to already existing HTML of our web page. This code will not affect design of the site at all. For example, music band website can have venues, restaurant meals and location etc.


Using rich snippets will not affect page rating in search results.

Tools to use

There are a few tools which can help us to add rich snippets into the web page. I am going to use ‘Schema Creator‘.

It is simple and easy to use and all you have to do is fill in information and it will generate HTML code for you which you copy and paste into your HTML code.
Schemes are divided into categories such as –


This tool provides you with short videos which explain how to use generated code.

This is what it looks like


This is schema for product and all you need to do is fill in information and it gives you preview (what it will look like in Google search results) and also provides you with HTML code which you copy and paste into your web page.

Independant research – SEO

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is technique that is used to effectively display website in search engines.

There are a few simple rules to make website SEO friendly –

  • focus on content of website – make content of website relevant to title of website
  • valid HTML – use to validate website to make sure that there are no mistakes (for more information, read this article)
  • good keyword phrases
  • no need to optimize full website – focus on a few good key phrases for your website and stick to them, however !!!!AVOID!!!! being repetitive!
  • link to social media – links to social media give website high SEO score
  • links to reliable website -for example blogs


Google SEO tools

There are loads of different tools for SEO on internet, but I personally prefer Google SEO tools as I can be 100% sure they are reliable.

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Alerts
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Google adwords keyword planner
  • and many others

Theory of colour – colour palette

Colour palette is very important aspect while designing any design. For this project, I decided to use purple colour as I found out that purple is associated with supernatural energy and symbolizes magic, mystery and spirituality.
These words fit into the topic that my website is about as while doing discovery phase, I got some of these words as answer from people that I interviewed.

Research was done at

Once I knew what colour I am going to use, I had to choose what shades of purple I am going to use.
I used website for it.




Secondary colours were black and white.


Target audience

The target audience for this project are people interested in astrology, the 4 elements and paintings and also local artists. I am focusing on people from Yorkshire area as the exhibition is in Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. There is no age limit as everyone can be interested in this exhibition.

I am going to monitor targeted audience with Google Analytics tool.