Accessibility test

Accessibility test is important because there are people with disabilities that use internet on daily basis. The reason why was decided to check colour blindness accessibility is because apparently one in twenty people have some form of colorblindness and they are affected in using internet.

This is colour blindness check that was done to make sure that colour blind people would have no problem using this design.
Tool that was used is called Colour Blindness Simulator and this is the link to it –

Process is easy; upload image, select the condition to simulate – there are three


and press ‘Simulate Colour Blindness.

The result

This is the result for Protanopia –


This is the result for deuteranopia –


This is the result for tritanopia –



This is how people with monochromacy – completely colour blindness see the design



People with these four forms of colour blindness would be able to use this design as dynamic of colour scheme was choose well.