JointsWP – WordPress theme built with Foundation 6


This is a blank WordPress theme built with Foundation 6. It is a starter pack and not the final product therefore it requires a lot of work but it also makes it easier to join Foundation 6 with WordPress as this is already done for the user.

JointsWP instead of FoundationPress?

  • There are no special required tools to work with
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • Ability to decide what version to use – CSS/Sass
  • Easy to install

Foundation 6

Foundation 6 Illustration

Foundation 6 has been launched on 19th November 2015.

What is new?

  • 50% Code Reduction – half of the file size of Foundation 5
  • A11y Friendly – The Base for Fully Accessible Sites, it can be accessed from anywhere, any device and by anyone
  • Fewer Style Overrides – simpler CSS for easier modifying
  • Customizable Sass Grid – smarter Sass using to customize grids with any number of columns
  • ZURB Development Stack 
  • Motion UI – create motions easily with Sass library
  • and many more amazing features

(Research done at

All In One WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin

While doing research about security of plugins, this All In One WordPress Security and Firewall Plugin came along. It is written and designed by experts to keep WordPress websites even more secure than it already is.

Why it is a good plugin to have installed on any WordPress website

  1. Does not slow the site down
  2. It is free to use
  3. User account security
  4. User login security
  5. User registration security
  6. Database security – backing DB up manually or automatically
  7. File system security
  8. htaccess and wp-config.php File backup and restore
  9. Black list function – ability to block users by specific IP addresses
  10. Firewall functionality
  11. Brute force login attack prevention
  12. Whols lookup
  13. Security scanner
  14. Comment SPAM security
  15. Front-end text copy protection
  16. Regular updates and additions of new security features
  17. Works with most popular WordPress plugins
  18. Plugin support

Here is the video of how it all works –

Decision to use it

Decision to use this plugin for better security of the client website was made after research about functionality of this plugin. It has all features that are needed to add that bit of extra security to the website to prevent hacker attacks. Database back up is crucial feature of this plugin as it can be set up to automatic and administrator does not have to do it. Also, there is large security support of plugins and as my previous research showed, it is plugins that can do more harm to WordPress website than good so having them regularly scanned is the best thing to do.

(Research done:

Security risks of WordPress

This research was done to find out answers to specific questions to avoid future impact on the client’s website.

How to make WordPress websites more secure

  1. Automatic updates needed to make sure that the theme is secured.

  2. If not using plugins, delete them – they are reason why WordPress website can be insecure.

  3. If website gets hacked, there is the WordPress Security Team consisting of 25 experts including developers and security researchers – there is ability to contact them through email address; each security problem is taken seriously and is dealt with.

  4. Injection – there is set of functions and APIs that helps developers to make sure that content of websites cannot be injected. Also, administrators of websites can restrict types of files that can be uploaded. It is done through filters.

  5. Sensitive Data Exposure – every user account passwords are hashed with Portable PHP Password Hashing Framework. There is also permission system that is used to control access to certain type of information and restrict users in accessing them.

  6. If not using any theme, delete it.

  7. Also, administrators are notified if there is plugin update via dashboard. If there is vulnerability of plugin discovered by the WordPress Security Team, author of the plugin is contacted and they work together to fix it. If the author of plugin is not responding, the WordPress Security Team fix and update plugin directly.

WordPress has its own security processes, risks and solutions. Every problem is solved by their team of professionals so there is no worry about using this as CMS for the client project.

(Research was done:


Framework research – front end


Foundation 5 is the most advanced and responsive front-end framework that has mobile first approach but also takes into consideration other devices. It is built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has large community of practice in case there is some kind problem in building process. Another positive thing about Foundation is that it is possible to combine this front-end framework with WordPress.

Reasons to use Foundation 5

  1. Easy to install and use
  2. Free to use
  3. Ability to use layouts
  4. Large community of practice and supporting material
  5. Ability to combine Foundation with WordPress
  6. Compatible with mobile/tablet – this is important feature as fans of the club use mostly mobile devices to communicate with the club

Another reason to use this theme is get a chance to learn how this framework works as it was meant to be used last year for the Ice Arena Website however, front-end framework changed at the end.

FoundationPress 5

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 15.07.27

This is starter theme built for WordPress with Foundation 5. It contains essentials that are needed for building any design. It is only starter pack to help designers so they do not have to do it from scratch but there is a lot of things that needs to be added to make final product.
There is also different already pre-built themes that can be used but for this project is going to be built using FoundationPress.

Foundation is the design of the site and WordPress generates the content – design and content are separate and that is why using these two frameworks together will work nicely for this project.