Persona has been created with template that was downloaded from

Two personas needed to be created to show needs and goals of members of the club as well as people from the club that are going to be managing the site. This is because there are going to be two types of users –

  1. Users that are coming to the website to get information
  2. Users that are updating/managing content of the website

Information about goals and needs of people from the club were obtained in client meeting; needs and goals of members of the club were obtained by asking a few members what they would like to have on website, what they would use it for. All information were put together into two personas.

(Names were made up and photos downloaded from Google)

First persona – Member of the club

Maria McAll

Second persona – Person from the club managing the site



Client meeting – 25th November 2015

This meeting was important in sense of finding out answers to questions that was holding the project back.


Target audience, branding – do the client want to keep the current?, what kind of information the client want to have
on the website, does the client have specific song that want to have on promotional video?

Answers to questions

“Our sessions run for all ages from 5 – adults. So target audience is adults seeking an active lifestyle and parents
of children. Obviously teenagers also. Also kids who want to get involved in something positive. People who like boxing
and community clubs. Then the elderly for the social club. It’s a wide target lol. We will be keeping logo so colours
around that is fine. It’s fine to adjust the promo video as you see fit. Also we don’t have a club song. But any boxing
themed ones would be fine. Can’t beat a bit of Rocky ‘eye of the tiger’ etc. We aren’t too fussy or specific on that.

It would be nice to have home page, session times, events that can be updated, contact, meet the team – coaches/boxers,
gallery which can be easily updated, sponsors separate page that can be updated as sponsors always change and also keep
logos of sponsors in the footer – this needs to be updatable as well. Page where users would be able to post their
opinions/reviews on the club would be nice to have.

This meeting was very useful as now the project can move forward.

Competitors analysis

Competitors analysis for this project is going to be divided into two sections –

  1. Local clubs
  2. National clubs

This is because this project requires competitors analysis of local clubs to find out what other clubs offer, therefore offer better website/user experience. To analyse websites of national clubs is important in sense of getting ideas for design and compare them together to create the best possible user experience.

The websites are going to be analysed in these categories: Design, Navigation/Usability, Content, Cross platform compatibility.

Local clubs

St.Pauls Boxing Academy, Hull

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.20.25


Design of this website is extremely poor. There is absolutely nothing that is trendy about this site, it does not follow any designing trends what so ever and it is not responsive. The logo is visible on nearly half of the website and plays the main role in the design. However, the logo itself is not high quality and needs redesigning. Colour scheme is plain which gives poor overall feel and look of the site.


The site is simple to use because there is not much going on. The navigation is always visible on the top of the site which adds to usability. This is because users always know where they are on the site. There is possibility to contact the club straight through the site which is advantage as it makes it easier for users to get in touch with the club.


Content is poor and outdated. The last contend update was in 2013 and there is still event on the site from that year. There are not a lot of images, therefore the site is heavy text orientated which is outdated trend.

Cross platform compatibility

Mobile friendly – No
Tablet friendly – No
Responsive – No


Hull Boys’ Club

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.40.52


Design is outdated and poor. There is no user experience and no sign of latest design trends. However, the website works quite well in sense of providing information to users. Images works well with text and provide users with the feel of what they can expect when visiting the club.


This website works well and provides users with easy orientation as the navigation is always on the top of the site.
There are two types of navigations:

1.  the main navigation on the top

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.48.58

2. sub-navigation on every page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.49.05


Content is clear and well written to provide users with every information they need to know. Content is updated regularly and also users can share their thoughts in section ‘Message board’. This is important for the club to find out users opinion and possibly improve services in the club.

Cross platform compatibility

Mobile friendly – No
Tablet friendly – No
Responsive – No

All of the local clubs do not have great online present to promote them, therefore this project will help Kingston BC Hull to stands out on the market.

National clubs

Repton Boxing Club, London



This website is designed well but big disadvantage is that it’s not responsive. Colour scheme works beautifully throughout the full site. This is because designers kept consistency of logo colours which is green and gold. Even images have green tone to match the colour scheme. This is cleverly done and adds professional feel and look to the site.


The website is well planned and designed. This is the reason why it is easy to use and users can easily orientated on it. There is the main navigation that is always on the top of the site so users can see it all the time. Disadvantage of the navigation is that it has drop down. This does not work well on different devices.


Content is well written and provides users with everything they need to know. Images are nicely displayed with light box, organised in categories to make easier for user to find them.

Cross platform compatibility

Mobile friendly – No
Tablet friendly – No
Responsive – No

Amir Khan World: Official Amir “King” Khan Website



This website is the best website so far even thought it is not boxing club but actual boxer’s website. Design is modern and ‘eye catchy’. There is strong use of images that add professional feel to the design and almost tell users personality of the boxer. Colour scheme works really nice together – colour scheme is different shades of grey and red used for call to action buttons. Section that is done very well is ‘Fights’ where users can find timeline of all fights that the boxer was in. There is strong hero image at the top of the page which is design trend on 2015.



Usability is great. There are two types of navigation on nearly every page –

1. the main navigation

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.24.03

2. sub-navigation

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 13.24.10

This offers users easy orientation on the site. The only disadvantage of this site is that it is not responsive, therefore there is poor usability on different devices.


Content is well written and straight to the point. Links to social media are always visible to users. Gallery is very well designed with light box, video gallery is designed the same way.

Cross platform compatibility

Mobile friendly – No
Tablet friendly – No
Responsive – No