Target audience

Target audience was not only found out through Facebook Page Insights but also by talking to leaders of the club.

The reply was: Our sessions run for all ages from 5 years old to adults. So target audience is adults seeking an active lifestyle and parents of children, teenagers also. Also kids who want to get involved in something positive. People who like boxing and community clubs. Then the elderly for the social club. It is a wide target.

There is a wide target audience for the club, design must be usable and targeted for every age group not only for adults.

Facebook Page Insights of the club’s fan page

This tool is going to be used to find out target audience of the club as this is the only form or communication the club has with its fans.

Log in to Facebook account and press ‘Insights’ at the top –

This provides full overview of the fan page such as largest audience (age group), most used devices which is mobile etc.

Scroll down and more information can be found about users such as how many percent of men and women liked the fan page, where fans come from (country and city) and also languages they speak –


Demographic is also available but unfortunately at the time of looking at the club’s Facebook Page Insights, demographic was not available.


  1. mobile is the most used device that the fans use to communicate with the club
  2. there is a wide target audience (29,244 fans of Facebook) including men and women but bigger part of the audience are men (68%)
  3. most of the fans come from the UK (Kingston upon Hull)
  4. language the fans speak is mostly English

Reflection on the summary

This step was important because it provided accurate information about target audience of the club. Now, it is proven that most fans use their mobile devices to access club’s fan page therefore the website of the club needs to be fully responsive and compatible with mobile/tablet devices.

Option to choose different languages is not needed as most of the fans speak English therefore the website can be in English language.




Facebook Page Insights

What Facebook Page Insights are?

Facebook Page Insights provides information about public’s activity on page. It is used to help owner of page better understand how people engage with content, when they are most active so post statuses when they can reach most people. Facebook Page Insights works after page reached 30 fans. There is possible to see information about your fans such as:

  • Gender and age: The percentage of people who saw any content about your Page for each age and gender bracket, based on the info people enter in their personal profiles.
  • Countries: The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped by country, based on IP address.
  • Cities: The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped by city, based on IP address.
  • Language: The number of people who saw any content about your Page grouped by language, based on default language settings.

(Information cited from –

This is what dashboard of Facebook Page Insights looks like – 

(Downloaded from Google)

Decision to use Facebook Page Insights

The club is using Facebook page as the only way of interaction with the members. Therefore, Facebook Page Insights are going to be used to find out target audience of the club.

Colour pallet/Theory of colour

Colour scheme for this project is influenced by the existing logo of the club. This is because colours has to match and create consistency on the website. Therefore Adobe Color CC tool was used to extract the right colours from the logo.


There were different possible combinations of colours but the most suitable from all of them was this one –

Colour scheme

To support the decision about colour scheme and to find out if this colour scheme would actually work well on website, research about existing boxing websites were made.

The result was positive as there were a few websites that consisted of similar colour scheme and it worked really well.