Creative part of my brand identity – CD case/CD

For creative part of my brand identity, I decided to create a portfolio CD with a CD case.

A little research about designs on the internet gave me ideas on what I want to do. I typed into Google ‘CD case templates’ and found these two pictures that I really liked and wanted to do use them for my design:

CD cover presentation design template with copy space and wave e

This gave me an idea how I want my CD case to fold.


After a little discussion with my lecturer about designing ideas, we came up with a better idea how to fold a CD case.

Screenshot of the layout (working screen – Illustrator CS6):

screenshot - layout - clear

Theory of artwork

Before I start to talk about the theory behind the artwork, here is the final version of it –

screenshot - layout

  • For the front page of my CD case I decided to use exactly the same design as I used for back of my letterhead (for more information read article below).
  • The back of my CD case is a continuation of circles but without the grey line through full page as I didn’t think it was necessary to use it there again as it creates a nice flow of the design. The circle space I used for my contact details (the exact font is used that I used for my logo).
  • On the top, you can see a lot of different words with different sizes and colours. The reason for it is that I decided to fill inside of the case with words that are appropriate for the industry I will work in and also for my personality so when you open the case, it will tell you a little bit more information about me but still not enough as main information will be on CD and little booklet of my work put inside.
  • The text on top is in a different font, it’s more bulky that gives the connotation of not being scared to try and experiment with different things within the industry. Different sizes of font are used because I wanted to highlight important words that stand out from others. Using different colours are used for the same reason as the different size of font.

Final version of the case:

final version

CD design

For my CD design, I downloaded from Google this picture as I needed to create my own template for designing:

CD template

I uploaded it into Illustrator CS6 and created a circle on the second line and also in the middle circle for the hole and covered it with my design that I used for back of my letter head.

Screen shot of working screen:

working screen

Then I right clicked the mouse and chose ‘Arrange’ and ‘Send to back’.

working screen2

At the end I hid the background CD template and the final version was done:

working screen3

Changes I’m going to make to my business card design

After feedback from my lecturer about my business card design, I’m going to make a few changes to the design.

These will be the changes that I intend to make:


  1. big space between contact details – put it together little bit more
  2. line up my contact details


  1. get rid of borders – keep it simple
  2. get rid of borders on QR code
  3. use simple border green/grey line on QR code – grey line on left/green line on right side of QR code

Research about paper

After lecturer showed us samples of paper, I decided to do research about it as a part of my research. I really liked textured paper sample so I read more about it. I found this website where it said that textured cards were popular few years back but it is still widely used today. To be honest I don’t really mind as I do like the design of it. This textured design is mostly used for architects and legal professions but I can imagine it looking great on my business card.

Another thing that assured me to go for this design is that on the site said that textured design will make business card stand out more and people will be tempted to give it another touch. This means that people will want to look at my business card more as it will grab their attention and this way they will not just put it away and never look at it again.

Few pictures of textured design (downloaded from Google)

Textured business card paper business card - idea3

Research about business card and letter head

Once I created brand identity for myself, my next task is to create business card, letter head and creative part of my brand identity which I decided to create CD portfolio and CD case (I’m going to be talking about it more in another post).

Before I went into InDesign and Illustrator, I did little research about it.
I typed into Google business cards and it came up with a lot of different designs. I found a few pictures that I really liked:

business card - idea


Having a look at different designs of business cards on Google gave me some ideas about what my business card might look like. Second picture inspired me with lines that I could use for my design.

Letter head

Again, I typed into Google letter head and it came up with a lot of designs. The website that I found very useful was By looking at this site I realized that letter head and business cards have always same design.

302  –> This example of full package gave me an idea how my layout of business card and letter head is going to look like.

Also, I found few good designs on Google images:

letterhead-design-uk  —-> I absolutely love this design, it has similar layout like the picture above.