Overall, I am happy how the whole video project turned up in final stage.
When you read first ideas written down on paper and then watch the video in the final stage, you will realise that a few ideas how to film it were changed. I think that the final version of the video is even better than I planned it to be in the beginning of the project.

Issues with the video

While shooting videos for my video, I came across to a few issues.
The biggest issue I had was lightning.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had to shoot footage for this video in two different days and that is why I  used two different cameras. As you can see on pictures below, the lightning is different. The reason for it is camera settings that I could not figure out how to change it. Bright lightning is only on a few shots at the end of the video.

dark light

Part 2 – Music/key frames

In my previous post, I described what my task is but circumstances changed a bit and I continued working on the video on my own, not with my class mate Tom.

After I filmed all footage that I needed for my video (with Tom’s help), it was time to cut it and put it in order. I opened file in Adobe Premier CS6 that I was editing before and started to choose right footage I filmed for continuation of my video.


When that was done, I started to choose right music as before you start to edit anything, you have to know the right beats and rhythm so you can cut your footage. It took me very long time to choose the right music but I did it successfully! I’ve chosen 3 different ‘songs’ with different speed and rhythm. The music I was choosing from was music pack from my AS level media project. I insert music into Premiere CS6, then dragged it into ‘Audio 1’ line and started to add footage,cut it, move it into the beat of the music.


Key frames

As you can see on the screen shot below, I used ‘key frames’ in my work for changing between two scenes so it is nice link in to another shot and style of music. Key frames give you more control of what you can do with footage; for example what I did was nice link from one scene into another one by turning key frame down so it gives you disappearing effect. I did it with the music as well as you can see it on the screen shot below. Again, nice link into another song by turning music down.


Here is the screen shot of the finished sequence and working screen –

workscreen 1

4rd lesson – Creating a video – Start

On our 4rd lesson, we got Editing Module Brief. Our task for next few weeks is to create a short video/film (at least 1minute long) showing off some of the facilities we have in the building and surrounding area. Me and Tom decided to create a video about how normal day of web design student looks. It is going to be funny and serious at the same time. First we started to write down on paper our ideas (shot list):

Shot list

Shot list 2

When our short shot list was done and we had an idea what we want to do, it was time to fill quite a lot of pre-production paper work .

These are:

  1. Production hazard assessment
  2. Cinematography pre-production checklist
  3. Drawing of scenes that we want to use
  4. Camera shot list
  5. Location footage pad
  6. Edit list

This took us very long time to do it. But when it was all done, we started to film scenes but because the studio wasn’t free on our lesson, we couldn’t finish off our filming. We will have to do it next lesson. Meanwhile, we started to edit footage that we had.

Screenshot of our editing

We really enjoy it so far and can’t wait to see our final version of it 🙂

3rd lesson – Editing into music

On our 3rd lesson, we edited clips and music into short videos. Our task was to cut footage that the teacher gave us on memory stick and create two short videos.

First one was slow with slow music, using key frames and learning how to fade away clips so they continue smooth with another clip. Second video was fast with cheery music, clips changed quite fast into the beats.

Even thought I have been working with Adobe Premier CS4 before, I learnt new way how to work with key frames and how to fade away clips. I really enjoyed it and I thought it was great 🙂
Here are two videos that I was editing on lesson 🙂 enjoy…

Short video into slow music

Short video into cheery music