Contact page

Contact page was designed simple and straight to the point.
There are two contact forms –

  1. allowing users to contact Hull Ice Arena straight from the page
  2. allowing users to request being contacted by Hull Ice Arena staff


Google map with location is shown to help users find the arena –  pointer used is in the same style as icons to keep continuity in design. Also contact and address details and social media icons.


 Full design


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Ice hockey page

Ice hockey page has the same layout like previous pages. The only difference is content as this page is supposed to inform users about ice hockey sessions that are available to them in Hull Ice Arena.

The layout was sorted with pop out windows after clicking ‘Find out more’ about certain ice hockey teams. This was done to keep nice and clear layout on the page. Visual image was used to represent what sections are trying to say to users.

Main ‘Hockey page’ –

Ice hockey


Pop out window –

Ice hockey - learn to play ice hockey


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Designing next page – ‘Learn to skate’

This is ‘Learn to skate’ page. It has more or less the same layout like ‘home page’ but there are little changes to it because of information that needs to be on the page.

‘Book course’ button there to make life of users easier, just to click on the button and they can book course. Also information about the course is provided with visual images.
Booking system is the same like on ‘Home page’ but with the difference that users are booking course instead of skating session.

1.Learn to skate


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