Target audience

Target audience

  • Yorkshire area – mainly Kingston upon Hull
  • families
  • people of all age
  • people interested in ice skating, ice hockey, figure skating

Google Analytics tool is going to be used to monitor target audience.

Colour scheme

This is colour palette for this project –
Untitled - Copy

The reasons

Looking at colour wheel and choosing analogous colours which means 4 colours next to each other – in this case it was blue colours and green.

Blue colours were chosen because of symbolism of ice.

Theory of blue colour

  • favorite colour of all people – cannot go wrong with using this colour in design
  • combination with different colour creates great effect
  • ¬†colour of water and sky

(To read more about theory of blue colour, please click here)

Choosing right shades of colours

Keeping in mind that Ice Arena is a family place, picture of family enjoying ice skating was downloaded from Google and Adobe Color CC software was used to create colors from the image.

White and gray colours are chosen to make a nice contrast with other colours.


Persona template was used to create persona for this project Рdownloaded from Software used: Adobe Illustrator CS6

This is what it looks like before customizing –



The result

Persona 1 –

Persona 2 –

Both photos used for persona were downloaded from Google!!!