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Theory of colour

I have chosen to use different shades of brown colour for this project as while doing research, I found this picture –

and it gave me an idea of how the screen might look like. It has everything that I want to evoke in visitors but also photos of the house/rooms that I managed to get are in these colors. At the same time, it will be more suitable for old house as everything in there is in darker colors.

Meaning of brown colour – the color of earth, wood, elegance, security, healing, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, and honesty, is a natural, neutral color.

(For more information about meaning of the colour brown, please click here)

Target audience

The target audience for this project are people interested in history, William Wilberforce and everything related to him. I am focusing on people from Yorkshire area as the William Wilberforce was born and grew up in Hull. But this does not mean that visitors will be mainly from Yorkshire area as he lived and died in London and he is well known person all around the world.
There is no age limit as everyone can be interested in William Wilberforce.

Discovery phase

Whatever you design, it is very important to design it right first time! This is the reason why we always need to do discovery phase to find out what users want/need and design product exactly the way they want so it is easy for them to use and they like design.

Step 1 – persona

Persona is a real or a fictional person who represents users for project – giving clear idea what they would like to see on the site, what they are their expectations and needs.
Information are collected by individual interviews, user testing, contextual interviews.

Here you can view persona for my project (they are real people) –

Persona – Leanne

Persona – Peter

Step 2 – Descriptive words

I asked my persona about three words that automatically come to their minds when  they hear  word ‘William Wilberforce’ to find out descriptive words from which I will later create slogan for my project.

This is what they answered –

Step 3 – Color

Color scheme will be grey/black/dark brown/white as photos of the house/rooms that I managed to get are in these colors. Also, it will be more suitable for old house as everything in there is in darker colors.

Step 4 – Style approach

Step 5 – Mood board

Mood boards are created to show what kind of emotions we want to create in users.
This is my mood board created for this project (pictures used are downloaded from Google!) –


Changes to the idea

I decided to make changes to the original idea for this project. If you wish to read more about it, please click here. I wasn’t able to track down any images of what rooms could look like when William Wilberforce lived in the house, but I managed to get pictures of a few rooms in the house after year 1884.
The change for this project will be that I am not going to display rooms from William Wilberforce time as there are no images available but I will display rooms from year 1884 where the house was used for business purposes.