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ArtLens, CMA’s new iPad app

This technology is used in the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) where visitors can rent specially coded iPads inside CMA’s Gallery One exhibit and experience amazing walk through museum. Also visitors can bring their own iPads where they will get it fitted with a special chip on the back of the case.


This technique allows visitors to point at something in the museum and they will get automatically information about it.
Here is the YouTube video where you can see how it all works –

This suits perfectly to my project as this is exactly what I want to create for visitors of William Wilberforce Museum in Hull.

Museum touchscreen technology


I researched what is the best touch screen technology that can be used in museums or galleries and I found out that there are 4 main categories of touchscreen technology –

  • Capacitive
  • Resistive
  • Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
  • Infrared

I read about all of them and I found out that capacitive screen is the best solution for smaller displays (up to 32″), user experience is better (better quality of image), better feeling to touch, great integration with multi touch applications, it is more reliable etc.

(For more information please read this article)